“If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.”

― Stanley Kubrick



For season 11, Manuel Weiss directed two episodes of the successful ARD series. 


Production Company:

Leonine Studios | Entertainment Factory

Produzent: Oliver Mielke

Executive Producer: Bettina Ricklefs

Redaktion: Elmar Jaeger

Sender: im Auftrag der ARD-Werbung und der ARD für das Erste.



IM WALD (In the Woods)

In dieser Nacht

sind sie nicht allein

(This night

they are not alone)


A worried father and his teenager daughter face inexplicable, threatening incidents when their car unexpectedly breaks down in the supposedly deserted woods.


Premiere: 55. Hofer Filmtage | 10.21

2nd Screening: Snowdance Festival | 02.22

3rd Screening: Catalina Film Festival | 09.22

VOD Release Worldwide: 28.10.22



Sie war niemals weg

(She was never gone)


The mood trailer for the third season "Ebersberg" was specially produced to present the new season concept to producers and TV broadcasters.



In der Lederhosn nach Las Vegas


A Bavarian road movie documentary. Manuel Weiss took over the European part as DoP.

Also starring: Monika Gruber, Roland Hefter, Angelika Sedlmeier, Hans Stadlbauer, Arnd Schimkat, Winfried Frey, Stephanie Liebl and Werner Rom


Cinema Release: 13.8.20

Home Video Release: 03.12.20

Sky VOD Release: 03.06.21


TAG X (Day X)


The first feature film production "TAG X" went into pre-production in spring 2018. The screenplay was written in cooperation with Jessica Renelt. Tag X was funded by the FilmFernsehFonds Bayern.


(Studio Hamburg Enterprises)

VOD Release: 17.01.20




Die Geschichte ist noch nicht zu Ende

The story is not over yet


´Chief Inspector Moser retired to the country to take things easier. Ironically, the strange case of an fatal car crash, a murdered woman and a young, disturbed girl is assigned to him.
The creepy child keeps telling about a  woman from the woods. As a rational investigator, Moser doesn't believe in ghosts. But the video camcorder of the dead father brings a scary twist.


(Studio Hamburg Enterprises / Bayerischer Rundfunk)

VOD Release: 08.10.17

BR Broadcast Release: 06.02.22

BR Mediathek Release: 04.02.22-06.03.22


Jeder Ort hat seine Legende

Every place has its legend

Andreas earns his living as a YouTuber and produces clips about ghost stories for his channel "ParaSight". In real life, he believes less in supernatural phenomena.
His new project takes him deep into the Ebersberg forest. According to a legend, a “white woman” haunts the Hubertus Chapel. Together with his friend and temporary cameraman Max, he tries to capture a paranormal phenomenon on video.
In the beginning everything goes as usual, until all of a sudden the alarm system in Andi's car goes off. Irritated, they leave the spooky place, unaware that they were never alone.


(Studio Hamburg Enterprises / Bayerischer Rundfunk)

YouTube Release: Februar 2016

VOD Release: Mai 2016

BR Broadcast Release: 06.02.22

BR Mediathek Release: 04.02.22-06.03.22


DER VATER (The Father)


"The Father" is Weiss Entertainment's first 45-minute mid length feature. The film celebrated its premiere on July 12, 2014 in the Audimaxx cinema of the Munich film school and was later also shown on Regie.de and reex.tv.


(Weiss Entertainment)